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Infinity logo design


A logo represents the identity of a brand, it is an imprint commonly used by commercial entities to aid instant recognition in public. Logos are usually graphic or they are composed of the name of the organization.  Logo design is a very important area of graphic designing, it is also one of the hardest to perfect.

Los Angeles University is a private research university which offers range of courses to prospective students. It is an international university open to local as well as international students. They have a high student to staff ratio. In a highly competitive academic environment Los Angeles University wanted a unique logo which depicted the universities old research heritage and its advanced doctoral programs. Graphic designers at Infinity Logo Design jotted down each and every detail as per the need of the Los Angeles University. After careful considerations and brainstorming the designers at Infinity Logo Design came up the idea of making a graphic logo for the Los Angeles University, the logo was designed in a way to show the university’s uniqueness and its heritage as well. With the use of typography and landscaped graphics Infinity Logo Design was able to deliver exactly the same logo. The colors used in the logo of Los Angeles University depict their assistance for their services to the academic industry.

The designed logo is also a great addition to Infinity logo design portfolio which shows the designers professionalism and dedication. If you are looking for complete branding solutions on the web you can get in touch with ILD’s brilliant team by just visiting or dial 1-866-964-5646.