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Infinity logo design reviews

Since the fashion industry mainly focused on the appearance and aesthetics, so it become essential to create a unique and beautiful fashion and apparel logo design for your brand. Our fashion industry is intensely competitive where every other brand is making efforts to show that one thing about their product line sets it apart from others in the industry. For this reason, your logo must look different from other logos of a company in direct competition with you.

Infinity logo design has been at the leading edge of logo design and branding for over 7 years. When it comes to fashion and Apparel logos, Infinity Logo Design solutions are at the heart of everything we do. We have received hundreds of positive Infinity Logo design reviews and possess a huge variety of logo portfolio for Fashion and Apparel industry. Few of the finest designs from infinity logo design portfolio are:

Poco Loco design

Logo Design

The client needed a design that gives evidence for Poco Loco’s identity. We made this logo design simple yet prominent with colors, using the monogram of brand’s name. This bright color theme represents customer feel of high ecstasy after wearing Poco Loco’s product line. Therefore, this design concept was an immediate success for Poco Loco.


logo design services

 Disanti is another high-status brand of the fashion industry. Client wanted a logo that can convey the ides of luxury, wealth and class. Considering this, we designed Disanti logo with black and white color selection. The elegance of this logo is enhanced with a classy illustration entrenched with letter ‘D’, the initial of brand name. Client appreciated this logo by calling it a true example of creativity and avant gardism.

Kolar Kolar

 logo design services

Infinity logo design created this design showing all the attributes of Kolor Kolor and as such the illustration of sewing machine is the perfect symbol for this brand. The yellow and brown color selection depicts the fineness and intricacy of Kolor Kolor services. Kolor Kolor really appreciates our idea for their fashion label.

If you want to give your brand a credible, trustworthy, and professional look with our logo design services, contact the experts of infinity logo design.

e-commerce website

Many business owners aren’t sure about how to begin their adventure into marketing their products on the Internet. The simple answer is to open an online store. Now, a local business can go online and take the advantage of lucrative online market via E-commerce website. It enables businesses to expend their outreach with in a limited budget. E-commerce websites are a hub of functionalities that requires smooth integration of ERPs, backend facilities such as CRM, database, and business automation.

Infinity Logo Design is a professional company that specializes in developing high end & user-friendly e-commerce websites. We employ a team of expert web designers & developers with years of experience in serving more than 43 diverse industries. Unlike other professional web development companies, Infinity Logo Design offers competitive e-commerce web development solution.

Our e-commerce bundle package gives an ultimate branding solution to businesses. The packages not only  provides a fully operational websites, but also other branding tools such as logo, stationery set, social media theme & search engine submission. The package includes two unique e-commerce website concepts that is incorporated with unlimited categories, unlimited product, easy product search, product reviews, discount coupon, customer registration, merchant integration, multiple sales and inventory.  The package has not yet ended here; it also includes 5 logo design concepts which provide our client a variety of option to choose from. All our logos are copyright protected, ensuring the uniqueness of our designs.

With the increase of the social media channels, it has become important for businesses to create a strong online presence of their brand. For this, Infinity Logo Design also create custom theme for social media pages that help to build a professional and customized brand image.

Party loopy is a professional party decorative item supplier that needed complete branding solutions to stand out from its competitors. The company contacted Infinity Logo Design to get a custom logo design, professional website, banner, and stationery design and was thoroughly satisfied with the professional services it offered. The Infinity Logo Design reviews have helped many clients to find our professional services.


Infinity Logo Design is a reputed design company that has been associated with the field of logo and web design for a number of years. The company has talented and experienced designers who have created stunning logo and web designs for more than 45 diverse industries. To boot, they have helped create unique brand identities for different businesses, producing designs that have left an indelible imprint on the customers’ mind. No wonder, the company’s success is clearly rooted in its designers’ skill and expertise in the realm of design. The Infinity Logo Design testimonials are a clear testament to our professionalism and talent as Party Loopy writes “Fast service. Thank You” in our feedback section.

We have 6 different packages that offer various design services to the clients, depending on their budgets and business requirements. Part Loopy provided us with the design brief so that our professional designers can start with the project.  We offered them multiple logo design concepts and W3C certified HTML coded web layouts to ensure that our designs are on a par with international standards. In addition, we provide banner designs and stationery kit for complete branding solutions. To guarantee ultimate customer satisfaction, we also offer unlimited revisions: if the customer is unhappy with our work, they can have it revised as many times as they want, until they are thoroughly satisfied.  


Our panel of professional designers created a funky typographic logo for the business to attract party lovers. The curvy font type is adorned with party decorations to match the playful and lively nature of the business. The main logo color is limited to two; white and purple whereas the decorative items are placed in different colors.

The purple background color with gradient effects symbolizes the dynamism of the brand as well as its target audience – the party lovers. Also, purple is the color of creativity and motivates the viewers to use their creativity to the fullest. In the logo, the color communicates that the brand has creative themes to decorate your home for the party. However, the white color of the font represents that the company will provide you perfect party items such as decorations, dresses, and tableware according to the themes such as birthdays, Halloween, New Year, and wedding.

 The website, banner, and stationery maintain the same design and layout for a consistent brand image. The website has a clean layout that helps visitors navigate through the page easily. We have also provided different categories based on party themes so that the visitors can find the right items.

You can read Infinity Logo Design reviews to learn more about our products and services that help you in building a credible brand identity. The Infinity Logo Design testimonials are the positive feedback that we have received from our clients.