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Your business’s website aims to magnetize, engage, and ultimately convert new customers, but what if it’s in reality acting as a customer repellent website? Generating soaring traffic on your website can be a lengthy and expensive course. And the last thing, a business want to do is to compel their visitors away, and quickly leave the website. Especially, if it’s due to something that could have been prevented without any effort.

Slow load time: waiting for slow loading pages can be extremely frustrating, and users would probably never want to revert back to the website because of this horrifying experience. According to research visitors expect as little as 2 seconds or less for a page to upload. As many as 40% of web users abandon the website taking 3 seconds or more to load. There are many free tools available on the web like ‘Google PageSpeed Insights Report’. Not only do they provide you with score and grade of the website but also various solutions on how to improve the performance and speed of the website.

Forced Registration:  A website is also a lead generating tool, but it does not imply to out rightly annoy the visitor by asking for their information before you deliver value to them. Jeopardizing the user experience by bombing them with pop-ups as soon as the website loads is going to shush them away.  Visitors will automatically sign up for your services if they see value in your offering. There is a very simple solution about converting your visitor, use pop-ups that features exit-intent technology, displaying the offer once the visitor has decided to flee your website.

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Audio & Animation: many developers feel that wealth of animation on a website is a key to success. Truth of the matter is no visitor wants to forcefully listen to cheesy music or to watch animations before they are able to access the meat of the website. With constantly evolving wed design visitors least anticipate running into music and animations when they visit your website. Said things can also slow down the loading speed and time. The most appropriate solution is to first let your visitor identify the offering.  Because if takes a long time to figure out your website, your visitors are probably going to leave immediately.

Poor navigation: As soon as your visitor land on your page they should be quickly able to navigate through it. Your users should be able to click and move around as smoothly as possible. Your website can have attractive design, along with a well defined idea but if the users cannot locate what they are searching for then your website isn’t doing the finest job. However, it is effortlessly simple to cope up with this problem. By putting one, easy to access and well defined navigation bar can enhance the navigating experience of your website. Further to create ease of navigation make sure the tabs mentioned on the website are responsive and easily accessible on all devices.

Infinity logo design is among the few online designing agencies which carefully studies and evaluates each and every single tab, element, function and content for the prospective clients. Their work has gained them a good repute in the web designing as well as logo designing industry. Below is a brief look at professionally designed website from infinity logo design portfolio. It encompasses all the latest trends within the web designing company yet avoiding all the consumer repellent don’ts.

Website infinity logo design

Whether it’s a daily deal website, e-commerce website or even a blogging site it becomes mandatory not to implement ‘the Don’ts’ of web designing. If by any means your website does contradict with the mentioned ‘don’ts’ then it’s never too late to improve the user experience on your website.

One of the biggest questions clients ask when choosing a logo design for their business is what kind of logo for the company they should go for? Can they represent the company name by simple typography? Or do they need a symbol, icon or an illustration accompanied with the brand name? Although there is no ‘best answer’ as such, these decisions are critical to decide the type of logo that will be used in a business.

There are several distinctive approaches to logo designs with their own purpose and advantages. However, knowing that which logo design type is right for the business should be the part of the conversation between client and the designer during the discovery phase. The talented and experienced designers of Infinity Logo design knows to take the best elements of client’s brand and use them to create a logo that that best communicate the characteristics and identity of the business.

One of the unique types of logo designs is Emblematic Logos. This type of logo design combines an emblem with graphic elements and typography, so that the result is not apparent separation between words and symbols. However, these typographical logos are useful to convey a sense of belonging and protection. Infinity logo design portfolio contains a wide collection of incredibly designed Emblematic Logos which have been complimented by many customers in infinity logo design reviews. Out of them two examples are discussed here;

Elegant spindle shades Emblematic Logo

infinity logo design


This logo is of a locally owned brand for kitchen renovation services. Designer keep this logo design sophisticated with elegant color selection and a simple typography.  This uniquely designed emblematic logo is a true reflection of perfection from infinity logo design portfolio.

Colorful and appealing Emblematic logo Design

Infinity logo design reviews

Considering the business nature, infinity logo design expert created this logo in a colorful and modern style using rich graphical elements. The right selection of colors with neat typography and the perfect use of ‘cup cake’ illustration are adding more value to the overall look of this logo design.

There are many such examples of stylish logo design from infinity logo design portfolio that emblemize company’s image. Infinity logo design has been at the leading edge of logo design and branding for over 7 years. The expert designers of infinity logo design offer the best custom logo design solution of all logo design types that not only facilitates small businesses with a limited budget, but also cater to the need of large entrepreneurs.

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Infinity logo design reviews

Since the fashion industry mainly focused on the appearance and aesthetics, so it become essential to create a unique and beautiful fashion and apparel logo design for your brand. Our fashion industry is intensely competitive where every other brand is making efforts to show that one thing about their product line sets it apart from others in the industry. For this reason, your logo must look different from other logos of a company in direct competition with you.

Infinity logo design has been at the leading edge of logo design and branding for over 7 years. When it comes to fashion and Apparel logos, Infinity Logo Design solutions are at the heart of everything we do. We have received hundreds of positive Infinity Logo design reviews and possess a huge variety of logo portfolio for Fashion and Apparel industry. Few of the finest designs from infinity logo design portfolio are:

Poco Loco design

Logo Design

The client needed a design that gives evidence for Poco Loco’s identity. We made this logo design simple yet prominent with colors, using the monogram of brand’s name. This bright color theme represents customer feel of high ecstasy after wearing Poco Loco’s product line. Therefore, this design concept was an immediate success for Poco Loco.


logo design services

 Disanti is another high-status brand of the fashion industry. Client wanted a logo that can convey the ides of luxury, wealth and class. Considering this, we designed Disanti logo with black and white color selection. The elegance of this logo is enhanced with a classy illustration entrenched with letter ‘D’, the initial of brand name. Client appreciated this logo by calling it a true example of creativity and avant gardism.

Kolar Kolar

 logo design services

Infinity logo design created this design showing all the attributes of Kolor Kolor and as such the illustration of sewing machine is the perfect symbol for this brand. The yellow and brown color selection depicts the fineness and intricacy of Kolor Kolor services. Kolor Kolor really appreciates our idea for their fashion label.

If you want to give your brand a credible, trustworthy, and professional look with our logo design services, contact the experts of infinity logo design.

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Beauty Salon & Spas are the places where a hairdresser, beautician, or couturier conducts business.  Both help people to get groomed with the help of natural herbs, beauty products and cosmetics. Logos of such brands are pretty much close to femininity and luxury. Usually pastel shades are selected to design logos for salons & spas.

Amura Flame is a perfect example of an ideal salon & spa logo designed by Infinity Logo Design. The logo is a mix of Illustration & typographic. In this particular case our designers have created an illustration of women face in a way that her hair symbolizes the second name of the brand i.e. Flame.

The first name of the brand is written in pink color that represents femininity and luxury whereas the second name is in grey that symbolize the professionalism & supremacy of the brand. The contrast of pink & grey has added much needed perfection to the overall logo design. The font style used to design the stunning logo of Amura Flame was delicate & classy.

The logo of Amura Flame is a fabulous addition to the rich & diverse Infinity Logo Design portfolio. The logo has also fetched hundreds of positive Infinity Logo Design reviews.

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Pine West is a leading interior design company offering renovation, consultancy, fixtures and tailored furnishing solutions.  The company employs high qualified interior designers who have many years of experience in creating great interior setups that go beyond conventional thinking. With the creation of exceptional workplace, retail and perfect interior decoration, the company achieves its client’s business and brand objectives.

Pine West contacted Infinity Logo Design to create an exclusive website for their business. Infinity Logo Design developed a functional website that addresses to the needs of both traditional and online market. The overall website layout has a corporate feel that portrays the best representation of client’s business.  Our expert designers have listed the client’s services and areas of interest not only in attractive & user-friendly manners, but also according to the current web standards to attain batter search result ranking.  Our web designer also creatively represented the client’s work portfolio in an efficient manner.

The smooth combination of various web design elements such as banner transitions, images and custom icons have provided much needed perfection to the website. Infinity Logo Design has not only accomplished the client’s website requirements, but the website has also fetched positive Infinity Logo Design reviews.

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