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Infinity logo design

Your business’s website aims to magnetize, engage, and ultimately convert new customers, but what if it’s in reality acting as a customer repellent website? Generating soaring traffic on your website can be a lengthy and expensive course. And the last thing, a business want to do is to compel their visitors away, and quickly leave the website. Especially, if it’s due to something that could have been prevented without any effort.

Slow load time: waiting for slow loading pages can be extremely frustrating, and users would probably never want to revert back to the website because of this horrifying experience. According to research visitors expect as little as 2 seconds or less for a page to upload. As many as 40% of web users abandon the website taking 3 seconds or more to load. There are many free tools available on the web like ‘Google PageSpeed Insights Report’. Not only do they provide you with score and grade of the website but also various solutions on how to improve the performance and speed of the website.

Forced Registration:  A website is also a lead generating tool, but it does not imply to out rightly annoy the visitor by asking for their information before you deliver value to them. Jeopardizing the user experience by bombing them with pop-ups as soon as the website loads is going to shush them away.  Visitors will automatically sign up for your services if they see value in your offering. There is a very simple solution about converting your visitor, use pop-ups that features exit-intent technology, displaying the offer once the visitor has decided to flee your website.

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Audio & Animation: many developers feel that wealth of animation on a website is a key to success. Truth of the matter is no visitor wants to forcefully listen to cheesy music or to watch animations before they are able to access the meat of the website. With constantly evolving wed design visitors least anticipate running into music and animations when they visit your website. Said things can also slow down the loading speed and time. The most appropriate solution is to first let your visitor identify the offering.  Because if takes a long time to figure out your website, your visitors are probably going to leave immediately.

Poor navigation: As soon as your visitor land on your page they should be quickly able to navigate through it. Your users should be able to click and move around as smoothly as possible. Your website can have attractive design, along with a well defined idea but if the users cannot locate what they are searching for then your website isn’t doing the finest job. However, it is effortlessly simple to cope up with this problem. By putting one, easy to access and well defined navigation bar can enhance the navigating experience of your website. Further to create ease of navigation make sure the tabs mentioned on the website are responsive and easily accessible on all devices.

Infinity logo design is among the few online designing agencies which carefully studies and evaluates each and every single tab, element, function and content for the prospective clients. Their work has gained them a good repute in the web designing as well as logo designing industry. Below is a brief look at professionally designed website from infinity logo design portfolio. It encompasses all the latest trends within the web designing company yet avoiding all the consumer repellent don’ts.

Website infinity logo design

Whether it’s a daily deal website, e-commerce website or even a blogging site it becomes mandatory not to implement ‘the Don’ts’ of web designing. If by any means your website does contradict with the mentioned ‘don’ts’ then it’s never too late to improve the user experience on your website.