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No matter how good your website is in terms of elegance, navigation, and design but visitors on your website will only decide to take action on what they read on your website. Because in the end, every actions of your visitors hinges on the words. If a particularly new website is generating a lot of traffic by hitting all the right notes, it s to be said that its content will be just as perfectly crafted as its programming or its other features. However there are many ways in which your content can go wrong and hurt your business on the whole.

The biggest of all the errors is that websites fall victim to inward writing syndrome on different occasions. Companies spend too much time on explaining the intricacies of their products or services, in improving their products or services. Many companies love to talk about their products in all their splendor but the problem is the world specifically your visitor is least interested in all that. They are too busy to grasp this much of information at once. So a good webpage only aims to answer one question; “What’s in it for me?”

Second error is burying the lead, if your visitors cannot figure it out they will leave. If your website fails to convey the importance of it you are dead as studies say websites only has few seconds to gain the attention of a user. Designers need to make the highlight the purpose of the website or of the product effectively. Expecting your users to go through all the content on your website is a wishful thinking. Therefore, a website should be easiest to read and comprehend.

Third blunder that most of the websites do is to add mediocre Meta material on their pages. Meta has a massive impact on the experience of the user as they are mainly read by search engine robots. Meta increases the branding of your page over the internet. Therefore, it’s important to have strong and structured Meta. Lastly, many websites often have a very weak or at times no call to action description. No matter how persuasive the product description is on your website if your page does not have strong call to action your users will buy what your page offers. CTA should be strong and compelling to move users to buy your respective offerings.


To play safe and get everything on place, the best option is to hire a professional company like Infinity Logo Design to write ghostwritten content for you. When the company dedicates an employee to write about your business, product or service, his mind will bring some more amazing ideas for you.