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One of the biggest questions clients ask when choosing a logo design for their business is what kind of logo for the company they should go for? Can they represent the company name by simple typography? Or do they need a symbol, icon or an illustration accompanied with the brand name? Although there is no ‘best answer’ as such, these decisions are critical to decide the type of logo that will be used in a business.

There are several distinctive approaches to logo designs with their own purpose and advantages. However, knowing that which logo design type is right for the business should be the part of the conversation between client and the designer during the discovery phase. The talented and experienced designers of Infinity Logo design knows to take the best elements of client’s brand and use them to create a logo that that best communicate the characteristics and identity of the business.

One of the unique types of logo designs is Emblematic Logos. This type of logo design combines an emblem with graphic elements and typography, so that the result is not apparent separation between words and symbols. However, these typographical logos are useful to convey a sense of belonging and protection. Infinity logo design portfolio contains a wide collection of incredibly designed Emblematic Logos which have been complimented by many customers in infinity logo design reviews. Out of them two examples are discussed here;

Elegant spindle shades Emblematic Logo

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This logo is of a locally owned brand for kitchen renovation services. Designer keep this logo design sophisticated with elegant color selection and a simple typography.  This uniquely designed emblematic logo is a true reflection of perfection from infinity logo design portfolio.

Colorful and appealing Emblematic logo Design

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Considering the business nature, infinity logo design expert created this logo in a colorful and modern style using rich graphical elements. The right selection of colors with neat typography and the perfect use of ‘cup cake’ illustration are adding more value to the overall look of this logo design.

There are many such examples of stylish logo design from infinity logo design portfolio that emblemize company’s image. Infinity logo design has been at the leading edge of logo design and branding for over 7 years. The expert designers of infinity logo design offer the best custom logo design solution of all logo design types that not only facilitates small businesses with a limited budget, but also cater to the need of large entrepreneurs.

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Since the fashion industry mainly focused on the appearance and aesthetics, so it become essential to create a unique and beautiful fashion and apparel logo design for your brand. Our fashion industry is intensely competitive where every other brand is making efforts to show that one thing about their product line sets it apart from others in the industry. For this reason, your logo must look different from other logos of a company in direct competition with you.

Infinity logo design has been at the leading edge of logo design and branding for over 7 years. When it comes to fashion and Apparel logos, Infinity Logo Design solutions are at the heart of everything we do. We have received hundreds of positive Infinity Logo design reviews and possess a huge variety of logo portfolio for Fashion and Apparel industry. Few of the finest designs from infinity logo design portfolio are:

Poco Loco design

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The client needed a design that gives evidence for Poco Loco’s identity. We made this logo design simple yet prominent with colors, using the monogram of brand’s name. This bright color theme represents customer feel of high ecstasy after wearing Poco Loco’s product line. Therefore, this design concept was an immediate success for Poco Loco.


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 Disanti is another high-status brand of the fashion industry. Client wanted a logo that can convey the ides of luxury, wealth and class. Considering this, we designed Disanti logo with black and white color selection. The elegance of this logo is enhanced with a classy illustration entrenched with letter ‘D’, the initial of brand name. Client appreciated this logo by calling it a true example of creativity and avant gardism.

Kolar Kolar

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Infinity logo design created this design showing all the attributes of Kolor Kolor and as such the illustration of sewing machine is the perfect symbol for this brand. The yellow and brown color selection depicts the fineness and intricacy of Kolor Kolor services. Kolor Kolor really appreciates our idea for their fashion label.

If you want to give your brand a credible, trustworthy, and professional look with our logo design services, contact the experts of infinity logo design.

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Beauty Salon & Spas are the places where a hairdresser, beautician, or couturier conducts business.  Both help people to get groomed with the help of natural herbs, beauty products and cosmetics. Logos of such brands are pretty much close to femininity and luxury. Usually pastel shades are selected to design logos for salons & spas.

Amura Flame is a perfect example of an ideal salon & spa logo designed by Infinity Logo Design. The logo is a mix of Illustration & typographic. In this particular case our designers have created an illustration of women face in a way that her hair symbolizes the second name of the brand i.e. Flame.

The first name of the brand is written in pink color that represents femininity and luxury whereas the second name is in grey that symbolize the professionalism & supremacy of the brand. The contrast of pink & grey has added much needed perfection to the overall logo design. The font style used to design the stunning logo of Amura Flame was delicate & classy.

The logo of Amura Flame is a fabulous addition to the rich & diverse Infinity Logo Design portfolio. The logo has also fetched hundreds of positive Infinity Logo Design reviews.

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Sport’s good market has to bear more competition than ever. It requires a large investment for marketing promotions and product innovations. Most of the Sport’s brand also supports athletes with million dollars sponsorships. Reebok is one of the famous sport’s brands. It’s a property of Adidas Group (AG). For last 30 years Reebok has been creating high quality products for elite athletes associated to various sports.

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Now Reebok focuses to introduce its new product range for other activities such as aerobics, yoga and dance. It means that Reebok is moving ahead from traditional sport like tennis, soccer and basketball to grab the sport’s market related to fitness, amateur activities that bring health and wellness.

To mark all these changes a new logo was introduced, bringing as a delta icon and symbol jaded and already used by some other brands, such as Delta Airlines.

logo designing

“Over the millennia the delta has been the symbol of change and transformation” depicted by the brand in its official press release. The Reebok delta has three distinct aspects that represent changes like physical, mental and social which occur when people are forced to go beyond the known boundaries and embrace an active and challenging life.

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Apart from the new ‘delta’ addition, the typography of the logo is in color black that symbolizes the secretive / hidden power according to various color myths. Black is also making it an attractive and astounding logo.

The new logo will be launched in footwear and apparel collections this month. The new logo will also bring a wider view of sport depiction to the target audience. At the same time the Reebok logo is the great inspiration for whoever looking for logo redesign concepts. You may also explore hundred of well-crafted logos at Infinity Logo Design.

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Glick’s shoe store offers a wide range of footwear for both men & women. They contacted Infinity Logo Design to get a unique and astounding logo. The client needed a logo that could highlight its business nature. Our expert logo designers created initial logo concepts and client selected the best logo design (If needed, our expert logo designers do the revisions on client selected logo). The finalized logo is delivered to the client with logo copyrights and supporting file formats.

Custom Brand Icon

Infinity Logo Design is globally renowned for its thousands of creative and amazing logo and website designs. Our designers are specially trained to create world-class logos that represent brand attributes in effective manners. In particular logo design for Glick’s our expert logo designers created a simple yet attention grabbing brand icon with the play of alphabet ‘G’.

The logo designers also added a toe’s illustration with alphabet ‘G’ that represents the client’s business nature. To give a catchy effect to the brand icon, designers added a shadow impression that is also portraying 3d look.

Typography & Color Sense

Typography is one of the major factors that add perfection to the logo design.  Our expert designers chose an elegant typography style that has added much needed perfection to the Glick’s logo design.  Designers also aligned the client’s slogan in a box shape that is adding a professional look to the logo design.

Purple & Orange colors were used to design the logo. The purple color symbolizes royalty, luxury and power whereas the color orange is the vibrant combination of red & yellow that are attention grabbing colors.

The Incorporation of elegant typography style and creative color sense results an exceptional logo design for Glicks. There are thousands of logos available in Infinity Logo Design rich & diverse portfolio that has brought numerous positive Infinity Logo Design Pros reviews.