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Glorifying the influx of art direction on the web is among the most recent trends in interactive design. But sadly many designers don’t understand the difference between art direction and design. Art direction provides substance to design. It adds humanity into the design.

Art Direction is not a ‘blogazine’

The demise of the blog post popularizes the ‘blogazine’, an amalgam of glossy magazine editorial and a blog post.  It imposes that designers have started to bring art direction to the world of web. The term ‘blogazine’ is invented by the modern day designers as an embarrassment to art directors. It refers to the blog being written like a magazine as every other post is singular. It often contains dressed up blog posts. Like a magazine where visual imagery and language combine to enhance the meaning of the story. To translate the same process in web designing, designers need different frameworks to bring flexibility with in a stated format. It allows designers to customize content management system. But the ability to write custom CSS format doesn’t mean a blog post has been art directed. Art directions elevate and boost the sense of design.

Art direction brings clarity and definition to the design it helps in conveying a particular message to a specific group of people. It involves a mixture of both art and designs to induce a blend of cultural as well as emotions. Art direction is all about evoking the right reaction/emotion at the right time. it is all about creating a link between what you see and what  you experience. By distinction, design is the technical implementation of that connection.

Designers at Infinity Logo Design stated their opinion regarding art direction and design as follows:

“Art direction poses as a filter for making design judgments; you bypass every design option from beginning to end. Begin by determining the general emotion. All the copy, photographic, user interface elements, buttons, and the kitchen drain should be pinged alongside this principle. It is as a magic kaleidoscope looking glass. It helps to resolve which trail to take while struggling with design decision”.

Infinity Logo Design agency provided us with some simple suggestions regarding art directions and design. Infinity Logo Design reviews is what make their portfolio and designing services unique and has earned them a reputable position with the most returning customers, within the logo and web designing industry.  Refer to the image below:

Infinity logo design

The extensively changing role of “art director” adds to the mystification around the disparity between art direction and design. At one extreme, several agencies employ art directors who are awful at design but recognize it well adequate to give direction to designers. On the other extreme, various agencies have “art director” as the next rational pay grade in the course to become a qualified designer. The majority of workplaces are somewhere in between.

Infinity logo design

Your business’s website aims to magnetize, engage, and ultimately convert new customers, but what if it’s in reality acting as a customer repellent website? Generating soaring traffic on your website can be a lengthy and expensive course. And the last thing, a business want to do is to compel their visitors away, and quickly leave the website. Especially, if it’s due to something that could have been prevented without any effort.

Slow load time: waiting for slow loading pages can be extremely frustrating, and users would probably never want to revert back to the website because of this horrifying experience. According to research visitors expect as little as 2 seconds or less for a page to upload. As many as 40% of web users abandon the website taking 3 seconds or more to load. There are many free tools available on the web like ‘Google PageSpeed Insights Report’. Not only do they provide you with score and grade of the website but also various solutions on how to improve the performance and speed of the website.

Forced Registration:  A website is also a lead generating tool, but it does not imply to out rightly annoy the visitor by asking for their information before you deliver value to them. Jeopardizing the user experience by bombing them with pop-ups as soon as the website loads is going to shush them away.  Visitors will automatically sign up for your services if they see value in your offering. There is a very simple solution about converting your visitor, use pop-ups that features exit-intent technology, displaying the offer once the visitor has decided to flee your website.

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Audio & Animation: many developers feel that wealth of animation on a website is a key to success. Truth of the matter is no visitor wants to forcefully listen to cheesy music or to watch animations before they are able to access the meat of the website. With constantly evolving wed design visitors least anticipate running into music and animations when they visit your website. Said things can also slow down the loading speed and time. The most appropriate solution is to first let your visitor identify the offering.  Because if takes a long time to figure out your website, your visitors are probably going to leave immediately.

Poor navigation: As soon as your visitor land on your page they should be quickly able to navigate through it. Your users should be able to click and move around as smoothly as possible. Your website can have attractive design, along with a well defined idea but if the users cannot locate what they are searching for then your website isn’t doing the finest job. However, it is effortlessly simple to cope up with this problem. By putting one, easy to access and well defined navigation bar can enhance the navigating experience of your website. Further to create ease of navigation make sure the tabs mentioned on the website are responsive and easily accessible on all devices.

Infinity logo design is among the few online designing agencies which carefully studies and evaluates each and every single tab, element, function and content for the prospective clients. Their work has gained them a good repute in the web designing as well as logo designing industry. Below is a brief look at professionally designed website from infinity logo design portfolio. It encompasses all the latest trends within the web designing company yet avoiding all the consumer repellent don’ts.

Website infinity logo design

Whether it’s a daily deal website, e-commerce website or even a blogging site it becomes mandatory not to implement ‘the Don’ts’ of web designing. If by any means your website does contradict with the mentioned ‘don’ts’ then it’s never too late to improve the user experience on your website.

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No matter how good your website is in terms of elegance, navigation, and design but visitors on your website will only decide to take action on what they read on your website. Because in the end, every actions of your visitors hinges on the words. If a particularly new website is generating a lot of traffic by hitting all the right notes, it s to be said that its content will be just as perfectly crafted as its programming or its other features. However there are many ways in which your content can go wrong and hurt your business on the whole.

The biggest of all the errors is that websites fall victim to inward writing syndrome on different occasions. Companies spend too much time on explaining the intricacies of their products or services, in improving their products or services. Many companies love to talk about their products in all their splendor but the problem is the world specifically your visitor is least interested in all that. They are too busy to grasp this much of information at once. So a good webpage only aims to answer one question; “What’s in it for me?”

Second error is burying the lead, if your visitors cannot figure it out they will leave. If your website fails to convey the importance of it you are dead as studies say websites only has few seconds to gain the attention of a user. Designers need to make the highlight the purpose of the website or of the product effectively. Expecting your users to go through all the content on your website is a wishful thinking. Therefore, a website should be easiest to read and comprehend.

Third blunder that most of the websites do is to add mediocre Meta material on their pages. Meta has a massive impact on the experience of the user as they are mainly read by search engine robots. Meta increases the branding of your page over the internet. Therefore, it’s important to have strong and structured Meta. Lastly, many websites often have a very weak or at times no call to action description. No matter how persuasive the product description is on your website if your page does not have strong call to action your users will buy what your page offers. CTA should be strong and compelling to move users to buy your respective offerings.


To play safe and get everything on place, the best option is to hire a professional company like Infinity Logo Design to write ghostwritten content for you. When the company dedicates an employee to write about your business, product or service, his mind will bring some more amazing ideas for you.

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A logo represents the identity of a brand, it is an imprint commonly used by commercial entities to aid instant recognition in public. Logos are usually graphic or they are composed of the name of the organization.  Logo design is a very important area of graphic designing, it is also one of the hardest to perfect.

Los Angeles University is a private research university which offers range of courses to prospective students. It is an international university open to local as well as international students. They have a high student to staff ratio. In a highly competitive academic environment Los Angeles University wanted a unique logo which depicted the universities old research heritage and its advanced doctoral programs. Graphic designers at Infinity Logo Design jotted down each and every detail as per the need of the Los Angeles University. After careful considerations and brainstorming the designers at Infinity Logo Design came up the idea of making a graphic logo for the Los Angeles University, the logo was designed in a way to show the university’s uniqueness and its heritage as well. With the use of typography and landscaped graphics Infinity Logo Design was able to deliver exactly the same logo. The colors used in the logo of Los Angeles University depict their assistance for their services to the academic industry.

The designed logo is also a great addition to Infinity logo design portfolio which shows the designers professionalism and dedication. If you are looking for complete branding solutions on the web you can get in touch with ILD’s brilliant team by just visiting or dial 1-866-964-5646.

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Your website homepage should be as inviting and as convincing as it can as you want to make sure that users who will be visiting your website get your company. The homepage of your website should explain about your company as much as it can in a brief amount of time. One of most assuring and convincing way of doing that is to include a video.  There are many studies which conclude that a website has ten seconds to catch the attention of a user. A video on your homepage can help attain the attention of your targeted user in this short span of time. As a video is an effective way of transmitting information very quickly. On the other hand text provides a limited knowledge about the company and its personality; a video can give you the opportunity of showing your users exactly how you look, act and sound. Videos allow you to reach your consumers more personally. Often companies think of videos to be of big expensive budget but it is quite the opposite, although it also depends up on the company budget. Most companies save such costs by promoting their brand on free video hosting websites like YouTube etc. videos are a great way of engaging your visitors which encourage them to spend more time on your website and that also gives companies more time to sell their product to the user.

There are many ways one can make their videos captivating for the target audience. Your videos need to be compelling with a clear purpose and objective of the website.  Utilizing narratives in your videos are effective way of interacting with your users as it able the visitor to relate to the product/service. Make them understand the benefits of using the product or service; they should be able to picture using it. After the interaction it is necessary to generate call to action in your marketing efforts. Call to action function includes purchasing a product, downloading a trial, or signing up for a service or newsletter. Lastly, with all the aspects of having a captivating video on your website the quality of the video is a critical part as poorly produced video will not infuse confidence in your user eventually driving him away from the product you are trying to sell.

We, at Infinity Logo Design allows companies belong to all industries to have captivating animated videos. Other than providing logo and web development services, one of the most prominent services of Infinity Logo Design is video animation. You can find a never-ending array of video animations at Infinity Logo Design portfolio. Take a quick look by visiting our website here: