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Glorifying the influx of art direction on the web is among the most recent trends in interactive design. But sadly many designers don’t understand the difference between art direction and design. Art direction provides substance to design. It adds humanity into the design.

Art Direction is not a ‘blogazine’

The demise of the blog post popularizes the ‘blogazine’, an amalgam of glossy magazine editorial and a blog post.  It imposes that designers have started to bring art direction to the world of web. The term ‘blogazine’ is invented by the modern day designers as an embarrassment to art directors. It refers to the blog being written like a magazine as every other post is singular. It often contains dressed up blog posts. Like a magazine where visual imagery and language combine to enhance the meaning of the story. To translate the same process in web designing, designers need different frameworks to bring flexibility with in a stated format. It allows designers to customize content management system. But the ability to write custom CSS format doesn’t mean a blog post has been art directed. Art directions elevate and boost the sense of design.

Art direction brings clarity and definition to the design it helps in conveying a particular message to a specific group of people. It involves a mixture of both art and designs to induce a blend of cultural as well as emotions. Art direction is all about evoking the right reaction/emotion at the right time. it is all about creating a link between what you see and what  you experience. By distinction, design is the technical implementation of that connection.

Designers at Infinity Logo Design stated their opinion regarding art direction and design as follows:

“Art direction poses as a filter for making design judgments; you bypass every design option from beginning to end. Begin by determining the general emotion. All the copy, photographic, user interface elements, buttons, and the kitchen drain should be pinged alongside this principle. It is as a magic kaleidoscope looking glass. It helps to resolve which trail to take while struggling with design decision”.

Infinity Logo Design agency provided us with some simple suggestions regarding art directions and design. Infinity Logo Design reviews is what make their portfolio and designing services unique and has earned them a reputable position with the most returning customers, within the logo and web designing industry.  Refer to the image below:

Infinity logo design

The extensively changing role of “art director” adds to the mystification around the disparity between art direction and design. At one extreme, several agencies employ art directors who are awful at design but recognize it well adequate to give direction to designers. On the other extreme, various agencies have “art director” as the next rational pay grade in the course to become a qualified designer. The majority of workplaces are somewhere in between.

Infinity logo design reviews

Since the fashion industry mainly focused on the appearance and aesthetics, so it become essential to create a unique and beautiful fashion and apparel logo design for your brand. Our fashion industry is intensely competitive where every other brand is making efforts to show that one thing about their product line sets it apart from others in the industry. For this reason, your logo must look different from other logos of a company in direct competition with you.

Infinity logo design has been at the leading edge of logo design and branding for over 7 years. When it comes to fashion and Apparel logos, Infinity Logo Design solutions are at the heart of everything we do. We have received hundreds of positive Infinity Logo design reviews and possess a huge variety of logo portfolio for Fashion and Apparel industry. Few of the finest designs from infinity logo design portfolio are:

Poco Loco design

Logo Design

The client needed a design that gives evidence for Poco Loco’s identity. We made this logo design simple yet prominent with colors, using the monogram of brand’s name. This bright color theme represents customer feel of high ecstasy after wearing Poco Loco’s product line. Therefore, this design concept was an immediate success for Poco Loco.


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 Disanti is another high-status brand of the fashion industry. Client wanted a logo that can convey the ides of luxury, wealth and class. Considering this, we designed Disanti logo with black and white color selection. The elegance of this logo is enhanced with a classy illustration entrenched with letter ‘D’, the initial of brand name. Client appreciated this logo by calling it a true example of creativity and avant gardism.

Kolar Kolar

 logo design services

Infinity logo design created this design showing all the attributes of Kolor Kolor and as such the illustration of sewing machine is the perfect symbol for this brand. The yellow and brown color selection depicts the fineness and intricacy of Kolor Kolor services. Kolor Kolor really appreciates our idea for their fashion label.

If you want to give your brand a credible, trustworthy, and professional look with our logo design services, contact the experts of infinity logo design.

logo design services

Social Media has rapidly increased its role in any biasness marketing plans. The phenomenon is frequently adapted by various businesses to get a well managed social media presence in the three great social media portals such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. These are essential for every business to secure a place in both traditional & digital business environment.  According to a research conducted in 2012 by social media marketing industry has revealed that 94% of all businesses have chosen social media as a part of their marketing plan. About 60% of marketing employ are devoting their precise time or a full day to social media marketing activities.

The most commonly appeared search result to any businesses name is its website address or its Facebook page. It is also found that people visit Facebook fan page to get an idea about the demand or reputation of any business or brand.  If your Facebook page is professionally designed by professional designing companies like Infinity Logo Design you will get the required boost that hit the target audience and will also create a positive reputation of your brand. Infinity Logo Design has created numerous custom Facebook pages which you can explore at Infinity Logo Design Portfolio.

Whether you are looking to get a direct customers engagement with your brand/services, or to drive the new customers, or get your brand involved socially, or to increase sales; social media can help, but the social media marketing landscape is murky: there are various social media portals available and they don’t yield the same ROI. Here’s Infinity Logo Design offers you an ultimate social media packages to get you the best result from the flourishing social media marketing & advertising tools.

Infinity Logo Design social media packages are platform oriented such as Twitter, Facebook and Google plus. The Twitter package offers a custom profile image, twitter them page, a stock photo and revisions. The Facebook Package offers custom cover image design, profile image design, a stock photo and revisions till the client is satisfied.  The ultimate Social Media Package. The package has everything that your brand needs to get professional and strong social media presence. It includes Facebook, Google Plus, You Tube, and Twitter with fully loaded custom design elements.

Logo Design

Panache Saloon & SPA is a great illustrative logo created by Infinity Logo Design Pros. The client was looking for a logo that could depict its business philosophy and effectively captivates the target audience. The expert designers did a thorough research on client’s logo requirements and decided to create an illustrative logo design.

Designers created a hair scissors illustration with a play of alphabet ‘A’. The illustration is giving a professional look to the logo and strongly depicts the client business genre. The thin & elegant font style was chosen that added a luxury feel to the logo.  Designers kept the typography in loose spaces to each other that portray the diversity of client’s business philosophy.

Colors are the most important element that creates a professional & attractive logo. For this, logo designers selected a creative palate: pink & black.  The color pink personifies femininity that tells Panache target audience a message of “Women Salon” whereas black color signifies professionalism & perfection that represents Panache excels in its services.

Panache Salon & SPA logo has brought positive Infinity Logo Design reviews that are testament to the expertise of our designers. One can find numerous high quality logos at Infinity Logo Design Portfolio. Would you like to get an amazing logo design? Infinity Logo Design provides you its custom logo design package at an affordable price that includes initial logo concepts with unlimited revision till the client is fully satisfied with the logo.  For further info & inquiries, visit