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Your website homepage should be as inviting and as convincing as it can as you want to make sure that users who will be visiting your website get your company. The homepage of your website should explain about your company as much as it can in a brief amount of time. One of most assuring and convincing way of doing that is to include a video.  There are many studies which conclude that a website has ten seconds to catch the attention of a user. A video on your homepage can help attain the attention of your targeted user in this short span of time. As a video is an effective way of transmitting information very quickly. On the other hand text provides a limited knowledge about the company and its personality; a video can give you the opportunity of showing your users exactly how you look, act and sound. Videos allow you to reach your consumers more personally. Often companies think of videos to be of big expensive budget but it is quite the opposite, although it also depends up on the company budget. Most companies save such costs by promoting their brand on free video hosting websites like YouTube etc. videos are a great way of engaging your visitors which encourage them to spend more time on your website and that also gives companies more time to sell their product to the user.

There are many ways one can make their videos captivating for the target audience. Your videos need to be compelling with a clear purpose and objective of the website.  Utilizing narratives in your videos are effective way of interacting with your users as it able the visitor to relate to the product/service. Make them understand the benefits of using the product or service; they should be able to picture using it. After the interaction it is necessary to generate call to action in your marketing efforts. Call to action function includes purchasing a product, downloading a trial, or signing up for a service or newsletter. Lastly, with all the aspects of having a captivating video on your website the quality of the video is a critical part as poorly produced video will not infuse confidence in your user eventually driving him away from the product you are trying to sell.

We, at Infinity Logo Design allows companies belong to all industries to have captivating animated videos. Other than providing logo and web development services, one of the most prominent services of Infinity Logo Design is video animation. You can find a never-ending array of video animations at Infinity Logo Design portfolio. Take a quick look by visiting our website here: