Sport’s good market has to bear more competition than ever. It requires a large investment for marketing promotions and product innovations. Most of the Sport’s brand also supports athletes with million dollars sponsorships. Reebok is one of the famous sport’s brands. It’s a property of Adidas Group (AG). For last 30 years Reebok has been creating high quality products for elite athletes associated to various sports.

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Now Reebok focuses to introduce its new product range for other activities such as aerobics, yoga and dance. It means that Reebok is moving ahead from traditional sport like tennis, soccer and basketball to grab the sport’s market related to fitness, amateur activities that bring health and wellness.

To mark all these changes a new logo was introduced, bringing as a delta icon and symbol jaded and already used by some other brands, such as Delta Airlines.

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“Over the millennia the delta has been the symbol of change and transformation” depicted by the brand in its official press release. The Reebok delta has three distinct aspects that represent changes like physical, mental and social which occur when people are forced to go beyond the known boundaries and embrace an active and challenging life.

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Apart from the new ‘delta’ addition, the typography of the logo is in color black that symbolizes the secretive / hidden power according to various color myths. Black is also making it an attractive and astounding logo.

The new logo will be launched in footwear and apparel collections this month. The new logo will also bring a wider view of sport depiction to the target audience. At the same time the Reebok logo is the great inspiration for whoever looking for logo redesign concepts. You may also explore hundred of well-crafted logos at Infinity Logo Design.