Logo Design services


Glick’s shoe store offers a wide range of footwear for both men & women. They contacted Infinity Logo Design to get a unique and astounding logo. The client needed a logo that could highlight its business nature. Our expert logo designers created initial logo concepts and client selected the best logo design (If needed, our expert logo designers do the revisions on client selected logo). The finalized logo is delivered to the client with logo copyrights and supporting file formats.

Custom Brand Icon

Infinity Logo Design is globally renowned for its thousands of creative and amazing logo and website designs. Our designers are specially trained to create world-class logos that represent brand attributes in effective manners. In particular logo design for Glick’s our expert logo designers created a simple yet attention grabbing brand icon with the play of alphabet ‘G’.

The logo designers also added a toe’s illustration with alphabet ‘G’ that represents the client’s business nature. To give a catchy effect to the brand icon, designers added a shadow impression that is also portraying 3d look.

Typography & Color Sense

Typography is one of the major factors that add perfection to the logo design.  Our expert designers chose an elegant typography style that has added much needed perfection to the Glick’s logo design.  Designers also aligned the client’s slogan in a box shape that is adding a professional look to the logo design.

Purple & Orange colors were used to design the logo. The purple color symbolizes royalty, luxury and power whereas the color orange is the vibrant combination of red & yellow that are attention grabbing colors.

The Incorporation of elegant typography style and creative color sense results an exceptional logo design for Glicks. There are thousands of logos available in Infinity Logo Design rich & diverse portfolio that has brought numerous positive Infinity Logo Design Pros reviews.