Pizzazz boutique is a designer brand that has a large collection of prep and couture dresses suitable for all kinds of events and occasions. They contacted Infinity Logo Design to develop a creative and catchy logo for their brand store. Filling the online registration form, the client provided us with the details and specifications required for designing their brand identity. As our designers received the project, they conducted an in-depth research of the business and current industry trends. You can also read Infinity Logo Design reviews to understand our design process and read the feedback of our clients.

Professional Logo

Infinity Logo Design is a professional design company that has served clients worldwide. The company is specialized in producing top-quality logo and web designs. We have teams of professional and skilled designers who have catered more than 45 different industries. Serving the design industry for years, we have successfully produced award-winning logos and websites. Our rich, diverse portfolio speaks volumes about the skills and creativity of our designers. We are grateful that our clients have trusted us for designing their brand identities. The Infinity Logo Design testimonials speak about our professionalism, creativity and the trust that our clients have in us. Here is the feedback of one of our loyal client, Pizzazz, who has showed confidence in us.” I love it! Thank u so much for all your hard work. I’m thrilled. It’s very clean and beautiful. I appreciate all your efforts in making it wonderful.

Clothing is a high competitive market as too many designers have entered the market. To stay unique and original has become one of the most difficult tasks in the industry. To have a distinctive identity, our designers have followed a highly conventional and conformist approach yet kept it creative and catchy. The logo is a simple typographic logo in which designer has played with the fonts to create an illustration. The color is limited to pink and black to depict elegance and sophistication of the brand. However, pink color also represents that Pizzazz boutique is a feminine clothing line. The “i” of Pizzazz is transformed into a dressmaker’s dummy to represent that the brand produces highly customized and tailor-made dresses that will fit perfectly. The curvy lined illustration on the dummy shows the creativity and uniqueness of the designs.

To know more about the expertise and talent of our professional designers, you can read Infinity Logo Design reviews. You can also view Infinity Logo Design testimonials to know what our clients say about us.