Many business owners think some pretty graphics and the company logo is the most important goal of web design. But graphics and logos are of less interest to the visitors (not the customers) when compared with the usability of a custom website design. Visitors expect to see a nice website but mostly want to know how your company can help them. Businesses need to assure that their websites communicate exactly what visitors are interested in, so that they get the message and become customers. However, importance of attractive logo and web design can never be ignored.

When planning your website, think about how you can make your website easy to navigate for the user. Try to organize your website into categories and subcategories so that your website has a clear structure. Organizing your website will help your page to get good rankings in Google, and at the same time making it easy to navigate for the users. Make it easy for search engines indexing your page and users find the services you offer and your business will benefit from it. When a person visits your website the homepage should contain something interesting. Pictures can say a lot, so make sure you have pictures of you and your team to convey confidence to your web visitors. Underlined or bold texts also capture user’s attention so use them in your web design.

It is also important for you to make your page easy to read by avoiding common mistakes such as using small fonts, or mix fonts of different styles and sizes which makes the text difficult to read. Also avoid writing the text in white font with a black background. This may look very nice but for some people it is really hard to read, and you shouldn’t make it harder for your customers to read.