A custom logo design process starts with designer’s imagination and casual sketches on pen and paper. When designer put their imagination on paper they are prepared to focus and search for new concepts and designs. A few random sketches will help the designers to start refining and selecting the best choice. Another alternative that designer commonly use, is choosing the right application which provides maximum capabilities to design a custom logo. There are various graphic tool available for designers, for instance Adobe Illustrator is designer’s best choice, because it gives them capabilities to design vector logos which can be resized with distorting image quality. Logo designed using Adobe Illustrator will integrate well with other Adobe products like Photoshop and Flash, which allows easy usability for other designs, animations and web content. However, selecting an application for custom logo design totally depends on designer’s ease of using whichever tool they are comfortable with.

Designers should keep in mind all the requirements of their clients, business image and brand identity during the process of designing professional logos. The brand name and logo should be symmetrical in conveying the desired meaning or the brand image. For instance, wherever you see a bitten apple to directly image it to Apple Inc, or you associate Rolex with a golden crown. Logos are used to symbolize a brand image in the mind of the customers. Thus, logos are important in positioning and representing a brand and carrying out the business essence, which should be kept in mind while designing business professional logos. The final step is logo delivery to the client. Delivering a logo professionally will satisfy the clients and shows a professional touch. Designers should make sure that they deliver logo Illustrator files, text and provide preview image of the logo in both color and black and white to the client.