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One common question that people usually ask when starting a business: Do we really need a logo? Definitely, yes! A logo is the basic starting point to initiate a professional corporate communications and collateral. A logo must show a visual of your company values and business nature, because your brand should be recognizable and easy to remember by your customers. This applies to any company, even for SMEs. Consider the importance of the Internet, your competitors are just a click away, and you have to catch their customers from the start. Following are some important tips for businesses to design a professional logo. Read the rest of this entry »


Many business owners think some pretty graphics and the company logo is the most important goal of web design. But graphics and logos are of less interest to the visitors (not the customers) when compared with the usability of a custom website design. Visitors expect to see a nice website but mostly want to know how your company can help them. Businesses need to assure that their websites communicate exactly what visitors are interested in, so that they get the message and become customers. However, importance of attractive logo and web design can never be ignored. Read the rest of this entry »

A custom logo design process starts with designer’s imagination and casual sketches on pen and paper. When designer put their imagination on paper they are prepared to focus and search for new concepts and designs. A few random sketches will help the designers to start refining and selecting the best choice. Another alternative that designer commonly use, is choosing the right application which provides maximum capabilities to design a custom logo. There are various graphic tool available for designers, for instance Adobe Illustrator is designer’s best choice, because it gives them capabilities to design vector logos which can be resized with distorting image quality. Logo designed using Adobe Illustrator will integrate well with other Adobe products like Photoshop and Flash, which allows easy usability for other designs, animations and web content. However, selecting an application for custom logo design totally depends on designer’s ease of using whichever tool they are comfortable with. Read the rest of this entry »

One important element of designing an interactive and appealing website is minimalism of the design concept. This refers to building the interface using only those elements that are vitally important to be placed on custom website design. Most modern websites are influenced by this design concept in different fashions, as these websites appeared to be very clean and insightful for the users. A cluttered website will confuse the visitor and often result in resentment. Loads of information is certainly not appealing for the users and too much text will makes it difficult for them to find their desired information. There are few practices that designers should consider adopting for building a minimalist user interface. Read the rest of this entry »